Barrister Meheruba Mahbub – Lawyer, Engineer & Investor.

Hi, I am Meheruba, also known as Remura Mahbub , a Barrister and a SME Investor.

Who ami I? In short:

  1. 👨🏼‍⚕️ I’m a Barrister working in Bangladesh & UK. I graduated with a close First from University of London. Then I completed my Bar at Law from Lincolns Inn in 2021. If you need legal help, contact us here. If you need a software/app or tech solution for your company, contact us here.
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For last couple of years I’ve had the fortune of  working with some of the most reputed institutions of the country (with the experiences of working closely with Meghna Group, City Group, S Alam Group, Impress Group, Team Group, PHP, Bashundhara, M Alam Group, GPH Ispat). Shere is what I have been doing recently:

Elite Law Firm in bangladesh

Elite Law Firm

Meheruba Mahbub Remura CLP is considered as one of the most reputed and renowned corporate law firms in Bangladesh.

LandsBD the best place to buy land in Bangladesh

Real Estate Investment

Lands BD, one of the safest place to buy and sale properties in Bangladesh. Most of the plots are owned by the company and the team goes through a rigorous process before listing any property.

Tahrem Trading one of the largest trading companies in Bangladesh

Import and Export

Tahrem trading, Alam Trading and Anowara Trading are three of the largest trading companies in Bangladesh which regularly imports mother vessels carrying grains and oil seeds from all around the world.

Altersense Barrister Meheruba Mahbub

Software & IT

Altersense strives to solve business and human problem through the pragmatic use of artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. We also make ERP, ESM, ADS etc. for renowned companies in BD & South Asia.

Barrister Meheruba Mahbub Team Pharmacueticals


Team Pharmaceuticals, one of the few pharmaceuticals in Bangladesh which maintains high ethical standards while ensuring quality management right from the procurement of raw materials to the marketing of the finished products.

Two Spoons Chittagong Barrister Meheruba Mahbub


Two Spoons and Thai & Pie are two of the trendiest names in the catering industry of Chittagong and London. The chain aims to spread bigger in next 5 years.

About Me

A Barrister, A Businessman, A Computer Engineer.

In our team, we’re Passionate About developing a better world for our people.

Our whole objective is to make your life better in ways we can, and we are here to listen and to act on your  business/professional/personal problems.

What is my Mission here?

This website investigates the strategies and tools that enable us to live happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

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Things we have done over the years with Meheruba Mahbub CLP, Lands BD, Tahrem Trading, Alter Sense etc.


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Cups of Coffees

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Happy Clients 

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I have had immense opportunity of working directly with Meheruba on a number of the largest and most important FinTech partnerships in Bangladesh. Meheruba played a critical role in the contracting, implementation and ongoing management of mobile wallet relationships with banks and in regards to compliance management in MRA. His vast knowledge of the Banking and Micro finance landscape and his ability to simultaneously protect the organization while advancing the strategic partnership is unique and highly valuable. Meheruba is one of the strongest legal mind that I have ever worked with and his broad knowledge of the payments/banking space has proven invaluable time and again.

Ahmed Ibne Mushfique – Ontario Tech


Remura is the perfect embodiment of high-efficient multitasking. It’s not everyday you see someone co-founding a successful startup while pulling off two heavyweight undergraduate degrees in parallel. I have known Remura since the beginning of our undergraduate studies at NSU and we took a lot of courses together. Having spent a lot of time with him, I have had the privilege to have a panoramic view of his rather spectacular journey. I have found Remura to be very articulate in presenting his ideas and focused in terms of serving his career’s bottomline. His ability to present and negotiate is something I’ve always aspired to possess. Remura has a natural instinct for business, which in combination with a deep understanding of the legal system and technology makes him a powerful asset for any team to have.

Alvee Imam – Samsung Bangladesh


Meheruba is one of those rare lawyers whom have gained exceptional forensic skills and insight that tends only to emerge through determined diligence and depth of experience. Remura is a highly competent litigator with an excellent capacity for concise plain-English communication.
I would enthusiastically recommend him for all and any aspects of corporate and commercial litigation advice.

SK Mohaimen Hossain – Foodpanda Bangladesh


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Anna Alexi – website.com


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It will be as simple as occidental in fact, it will be Occidental. It will be as simple as occidental in fact, it will be Occidental.